Why Us?

We are trying to get everyone’s body to a neutral state, a place where you don’t have big fluctuations in discomfort and release, we want to have your body in a consistent optimal state (whether your training volume is high or not) where you can then just come in for tune ups instead of trying to “control the bleed” every time you’re in a session.

General Rehabilitation Session

Hands on manipulation alongside appropriate exercise to strengthen, stabilise and mobilise the body to reinforce the soft tissue work to give the best results for each client

Why do we need rehabilitation session?

People who have quite stationary jobs which can easily create postural dysfunction, on top of people in Hong Kong being fairly active outside of work hours can result in various aches and pains which can be eased through some therapy and take home exercise/mobility drills.

Pre- & Post-natal Rehabilitation Session

Prenatal massage to target those areas which become troublesome as your body begins to adapt and evolve to pregnancy

Why Pre- & Post-natal Rehabilitation Session is good for mommy?

Common findings from previous prenatal clients are increased swelling of the legs, decrease in mobility through the upper and lower body and hip/back pain. The feedback on massage therapy + mobility exercise has been highly positive in easing the body into the changes throughout pregnancy.

Our Rehabilitation Provider

Active Relief HK is a Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic which specialises in manual therapies partnered with rehabilitation exercise to assist in recovery and restoration of the body.