Our mission is to help you navigate your journey in health and fitness. Our internationally-accredited coaching team brings you a complete health and fitness experience, offering fitness group classes, martial arts classes, body transformation program, one on one personal training, and training and nutrition consultation services.


If you have specific training goals, we offer dedicated personal training. Whether your goals are to lose body fat, build muscle mass, learn to fight, improve your lifting form, boost your sports performance, or simply to learn a new skill in a 1:1 environment; personal training is for those who want to push themselves to the next level.

Our coaching team are experienced, incredibly passionate, and great at helping you achieve the results you want!


For those who want nutritional planning without the price tag of personal training, we offer online and offline nutritional guidance, and ongoing whatsapp and email support, our nutritionist is perfect for those who need a personalized nutrition plan developed by an expert!


Your neighborhood health cafe, proving that healthy meals can also be delicious and convienient.
Optimum nutrition is crucial for weight loss, lean muscle gain and to support performance and recovery. Our meals are made fresh daily with quality ingredients and are calorie and macronutrient controlled!

Find out more about our delicious meal plans.