1.  Should you wish to cancel your booking(s), you must do so 3 hours prior to your scheduled class time. Otherwise this will be deemed as a late cancellation or no-show.  
2.  Late cancellations and no shows will result in a deduction of one class session from any existing Package(s) or a warning for monthly unlimited members. In the case where there is no existing package(s), the client will need to pay the full session fee as a drop-in session.  
3.  Members who accrue 3 warnings within any 30-Day period will result in a one week ban from all classes and appointments. Memberships will not be extended for this banned week.  
4.  In cases of expired membership packages, no extensions will be granted unless in the below exceptional circumstances.  
4.1.  Client can provide a doctor’s certificate/ note stating an injury or illness that prevented the individual from participating in exercise within said membership package’s validity period. This documentation must include the client’s name and the recommended rest dates (both start and end dates) to enable all membership packages to be extended accordingly. All membership packages of 4 weeks and above permits a maximum of one extension per month, extension period must not exceed 30 dates. Goji Elite reserves the right to the final decision on the dates of extension.
4.2.  Client can provide proof of travels outside of Hong Kong, clearly stating their name, exit and re-entry dates to enable all membership packages to be extended accordingly.  
4.3.  All classes and memberships are non-transferable under any circumstances.  
5.  All clients must initiate the disclosure of any health conditions and previous injuries to the 
class’s leading Personal Trainer, prior to participating in the class.  
6.  I declare that I understand that all sessions at Goji Elite will be strenuous to varying 
degrees on the body; and that I am physically fit and capable to participate in said sessions.  
7.  In case of any forms of injuries, illness or the highly unlikely scenario of death due to my own negligence, physical condition or unwillingness to follow guidelines, instructions and advice at Goji Elite; I understand that Goji Elite and its company will not be liable or held responsible.