Ng Ping Nam

“Being born with great talent is one kind of genius, but working harder than the others is also a kind of genius “

Hand balancer and contortionist, who started out in circus and held a two-year hand balancing apprenticeship under Miguel Santana. Ping Nam is currently a Sports Science University Student, and in his spare time performs in Circus Shows and teaches Handstands & Hand Balance Skills.

o Lifesaving team HKG
o 2017 Orange cup lifesaving world championship competitor HKG
o 2017 WSWCF Hong Kong championship the fourth place
o 2017 Hong Kong Street workout championship the second place


Performance experience:(Hand Balance and Contortion):
o Fiasco
o Lantern festival with Hong Kong circus
o Hong Kong China Body building and Fitness Association Body building competition
o Easter Performance in Airport with The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts EXCEL
o The Greatest Showman in CityGate with The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts EXCEL

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