Natalie McKnight

“Success lies in a masterful consistency around the fundamentals.”

Natalie’s passion for fitness began in her late teens as management for stress and anxiety. Seeing her own positive results in health and wellbeing through a consistent training program, she was inspired to pursue a path of study in this area with a view to assist others and enable them to also experience similar transformational results and growth.

She works with her clients to build an individualised program that encourages a holistic mindset towards training, nutrition and lifestyle. Her focus is to educate and empower others with a guided approach which allows her to support them in achieving their goals through measurable results with confidence and lead active, fulfilled lives.

She enjoys creating programmes that not only progressively challenge clients and spark positive change but also allow them to enjoy the process and build a strong foundation on which to build. She believes that transformation comes from consistently building on short term goals which thus leads towards long-term sustainability and success.

Credentials & Certifications:
o NASM Certified Personal Trainer
o Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1
o IKFF Kettlebell Trainer Level 1 & Level 2
o TRX Group Suspension Trainer
o Adult CPR and AED Certified
o Muscle Nerds : Level 1
o Andre Benoit: – Strength Academy Course
o – Modulation of Energy System for Optimal Body Composition
o Clean Health Fitness Institute : – Advanced Nutritional Programme Design
o – Lab Analysis for PT’s

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