“The more your sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.”


Don’s passion for Muay Thai started at 10 years old when he first attended a class with his brother back home in Thailand. His curiosity for the art form quickly grew and by 11 years old he had competed in his first tournament and won; sparking an impressive track record of 397 fights and counting!

At 20 years old Don joined the Thai Army where his dedication for strengthening his form soon caught the General’s eye. This led to his first teaching experience where he taught fellow soldiers how to strengthen their bodies and increase agility over the next year and a half. Don was then recruited to Dubai followed by Qatar, where he taught Absolute MMA Muay Thai.

Don’s patience, positivity and eagerness to share his knowledge has led to him teaching Muay Thai and Absolutely MMA Muay Thai across Thailand, Dubai, Qatar and now Hong Kong. He enjoys teaching all age and training experience levels, from children to adults and beginners to professional.

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