Bernard Fung

“Use no way as way, no limitation as limitation. Learn the art of expressing the human body through martial arts”



Bernard started his martial arts journey with Gojo Ryu Karate at age 12.
Since then he has studied in other disciplines such as Western Boxing, Muay Thai, K1 (kickboxing) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
He is now one of the handful of local Hong Kong fighters who started to compete in MMA professionally!

Bernard’s classes comprise of games, battle tested techniques and fitness routines to make sure you are able to execute and apply techniques with efficiency in a fight situation.

Fighter’s programme is for aspiring fighters at all levels. Smart and controlled training is the main emphasis for developing technique and confidence to step into the ring or cage.  


  • Boxing (-1W 1L) 
  • Kickboxing K1 (-5 W 2L)
  • MMA (-4W 3L) 
  • 2011 1st Kyokushin Karate all asian weight category championship  – <80kg 2nd place>
  • 2013 hong kong open sanda championship – 75kg champion
  • 2014 hong kong open sanda championship – 75kg champion

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